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    Cape Town | October 25 until October 27
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  • With local knowledge

    The Creation of a Steering Committee to establish an association with the broad aim of promoting excellence in public service education and training.

  • Excellence in public service education and training

    Promote the academic growth and expansion of the disciplines involved by creating and facilitating a forum for continuous academic discourse and dialogue.

  • ASSADPAM - A Global Impact

    It was established in its current format in 2002 to promote the interests of distinct disciplines and of the scholars active in these.


Is Local Always Better? Strengths and Limitations of Local Governance for Service Delivery

Guest-editors: Reto Steiner (University of Bern), Carmen Navarro (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Chris Tapscot (University of Western Cape)

Globally, local authorities are significant players in the provision of public services. In recent decades, decentralization has become an important reform strategy in many countries, usually with the support of international organizations. Traditional arguments suggest that efficiency and quality gains in the provision of public services are achieved through decentralization along with greater expectations for accountability and responsiveness.

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