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Annual Conference  25-27 September 2019, Centurion, will be hosted at the KleinKaap, Centurion, Gauteng.

ASSADPAM Conference 2019: The deadline for the submission of conference papers is 31 July 2019.

Theme: “A CALL FOR ACTION: A Reflection of Tenets of Public Administration ” 

Public administration and management has remained predominantly silent during times of political interference in administration processes, economic crises, corruption, state capture and a fast-changing and unpredictable global environment. In 2019, we call the discipline of Public Administration and Management to action. How should the subject public administration and management as well as public servants respond to these challenges?

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Hosted by ASSADPAM in conjunction with the University of South Africa.

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Any queries or questions about the conference email your requests to the Conference Manager | Ms Alet Fouche: aletfouche6 [at]

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25 - 27 Sep
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